Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Busy Schedule Looks Good!

My Schedule This Week (9-1 thru 9-6)

Mon 9-1-08 4pm Planet Green Audition
Tues. 9-2-08 1-5pm The Day The Earth Stopped film
Wed. 9-3-08 7-10pm Level 5B Class 10-11pm King Ten Show
Thurs. 9-4-08 11am-12pm Sick End Films Cast meeting
Thurs. 9-4-08 2-5pm LFC w/ Ed Meeting
Thurs. 9-4-08 9pm Hammerspace Show at Tre Stage
Fri. 9-5-08 10:20am-1:40pm PCC Improv Class
Fri. 9-5-08 3-5pm Hammerspace Workshop Tre Stage
Fri. 9-5-08 8pm Hammerspace Show ADT
Sat. 9-6-08 8pm Hammerspace Show ADT
Sat. 9-6-08 10pm Hammerspace Show Upstairs BB

This schedule really makes it seem like I am super busy and that my time is filled with auditions, acting, improv, classes, shows, performances, workshops, rehearsals, and cast/crew meetings… and you know, I guess it is. That’s pretty dang cool! There is at least one thing related to performance/entertainment/arts everyday, and on some days there are 2 or 3 things. So far so good I believe.

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