Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John C. Reilly, Performance Art, and my Bloody Death Scene.

Monday night I performed in Madame Pamita's "Parlor of Wonders" show. I did my silent movie tribute-mime act (inspired by the work of Stan Laurel, Buster Keaton, and Charlie Chaplin). The response I got from the crowd was very heartwarming. They really liked what I did.
It is inspiring to be appreciated. Following your dreams can be very discouraging sometimes and Hollywood is an especially tough town. This was a very special event though.
There were ukulele players and banjo players. There was fortune telling and an awesome puppeteer named Eli Presser who had the creepiest little marionette I've ever seen. The show was at The Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena and they filmed the entire thing.
John C. Reilly was there and he told me I was great, and that I had a terrific face. That was very cool and I totally appreciated it. He and I had a nice little conversation about Del Close.

The Evangenitals (the greatest band in California) played at Mr. T's Bowl in Highland Park tonight (Tues. night). It was quite an event. Juli wore a hot pink prom dress, vegan combat boots, and a tiara. Bass player Keith Lubow was wearing a sailor suit. And Elizabeth Swenson and I were there representing IMPROV! We did a whole series of experimental-interpretive-movement-performance-art pieces that were directly inspired by the songs being played by the band. We were raw and fluid and the experience was magical. There was amazing trust and risk and energy. We were physically fearless and did somersaults and we jumped and leapt through the air, rolled around on the floor, and spun each other around. It feels so good to do something that requires such BALLS! It feels good to be fearless and non-self concious. It was strange and special and I felt the creativity vibrations going crazy all throughout my body and shooting out in my performance. The people in the audience seemed to like it as well. They approached me afterward and thanked and congratulated me. It was weird and I loved it. Things have been weird lately. I have been going through strange times and re-discovering myself in odd spots. It is a time of growth, re-birth, and settling into what will never be settled.
Greg Cohen (photographer) was filming the show and I will have that footage soon... fear not!

The footage from the Sick End Films production, "Arkill", is now available to view (as a roughcut). Pay close attention at the end and you will see my ultra-violent blood and gore death scene.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sick End Films, Erotic Blood and Gore, and Improv!

Saturday night at the iO West we had 2 very experimental Hammerspace Improv shows. At 8pm in The Andy Dick Theater I did a 2 person show with legendary improv teacher Ed Greenberg. It was a really awesome experience. We started with an opening that was a dialogue scene, and it went on for 28 minutes. It was deep and meaninful and I did a lot of meditative philosophical stream of consciousness pondering of the Universe, it was very surreal and poetic. I was so loose! We actually adapted one of my favorite comic books, "Animal Man", into a film, within a long form improv show. It was wild. There were many musings and explorations of environmental and economic issues and problems in today's world all thanks to our suggestion of "Where do Black Holes Go When they Die?".
At 11pm in the Upstairs Black Box I had a 3 person show with Kelly Chase and TJ Gooding. Our suggestion was "Why am I Here?". The show we did is best described as an absurdist southern gothic romantic comedy of errors! It was like an abstractly sophisticated piece of slapstick theatre. Something very meaningful and magical was tapped into deeply and opened up big Saturday night. I am quite proud of Hammerspace Improv. The progress is exponential and growing!

Sunday morning and afternoon I was in a Sick End Films horror movie called "Arkill", filmed in a ballet studio in Alhambra. My improv buddy Ryan Karloff was there playing a role and we were both pleasently surprised to see each other. I was playing a campaign manager and he was playing a coked out speech writer. It was fun.
During my gory death scene I had a semi-erotic experience as a cute make-up girl named Brittany sat over me and massaged fake gooey blood into and onto my face, scalp, neck, and lips. That was really awesome.
When I left the set the director gave me a bag of organic-vegan-peanut butter cookies!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Dawn of Quixote Radio Drama

This past Tuesday I had the extreme pleasure of performing in The Dawn of Quixote Radio Drama on KPFK (90.7 FM in Los Angeles). This was a radio drama adaptation of an experimental play written and directed by Juli Crockett (personally my favorite writer/director and all around amazing girl). The play is based on the first chapter of Don Quixote by Cervantes, and some of the inspiration and source material comes from Our Lord Don Quixote by Miguel de Unamuno. There is much philosophical exploration and discovery and this piece is an excellent example of what can be accomplished when you thoroughly explore the beauty, depth, and fascination of language, dialogue, and conversation.
Shaughn Buchholz plays Don Quixote. Juli Crockett plays Dulcinea, and I play Sancho Panza. The music is an original score provided by The Evangenitals.
The show premiered this morning at 7am on KPFK. It is now available to listen to online in the KPFK archives. I absolutely LOVED this play! It's our second radio drama (The History of Water was first). Next I believe we might be doing "Or The Whale" (Juli's adaptation of Moby Dick). I am really excited about that!
You can go th the KPFK audio archives and play or download the show. It is listed as Special Programming 7:02am Saturday 9-20-08.
You can also use the link here: Dawn of Quixote Radio Drama.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Brutally Honest Improv: It's Funny!

I recently discovered, in a quite personal way, the very fascinating phenomenon of how funny and entertaining it can be to be brutally honest. Hammerspace has been experimenting with monologue openings in our improv shows this week. I have been using them as an opportunity to really open up and make myself pretty vulnerable. I am going through some heavy life changes. My world feels like it is falling apart. I feel shipwrecked, lost, abandoned, and alone. I am hurting, sad, and in pain. I don’t like it.

I made the decision to be honest when I did my monologue. I made it general and specific, but truthful… very truthful. I didn’t necessarily say why I felt the way I did, but I did say how I felt. That seems more important and ultimately more relevant to what would best enable you to express yourself in both a meaningful and artistic way.
The thing that is most interesting is how funny it was. It wasn’t a joke… it was as far from a joke as it gets. I simply told a short story about what was happening to me today, and how I felt today and as if by magic… it was funny.

We did a Thursday show recently and our audience was very small. At the top of the show it was just Henry Bermudez. He gave us our suggestion: How do you keep a woman happy?
We delved into a series of observations on happiness, how can anyone be happy, what it means to keep anyone anything, and other philosophical musings.
At one point during my monologue I told the audience I was currently experiencing depression… the “I want to drink myself to death kind of depression”. They laughed. It was funny and I don’t exactly know why but I wasn’t surprised that there was laughter. I certainly wasn’t trying to be funny. I was just being honest. I was being painfully honest about being in pain, and it was awesomely cathartic.

The monologues based on the suggestion led to a series of scenes that were very real, genuine, natural, emotional, and patient. It was fun and it was funny. The improv happened with the flow, ease, and grace that you sometimes get in real life. There were a few crazy situations but they seemed real because we were treating them truthfully. The show was deep. We all felt it and it felt like fucking magic. The four of us: Juli, me, Brittany and TJ connected. We connected with our minds and projected that connection outward and it felt amazing. The scenes were deep and philosophical and connected to each other with natural simplicity that all just seemed meant to be. It was incredible and ultimately I believe the gods and ghosts of improvisation revealed some of their truths and secrets to us through the performance of that piece. I felt changed. I experienced some growth during and in the aftermath of that performance. I experience growth as an artist, an improviser and a person. It was our deepest show ever and one of the very best by far.

We did a 4-person Hammerspace show in the Black Box (me, Kelly, TJ, Brittany). The show was so great. It wasn’t quite as deep or as philosophical as Thursday, but it was the closest to it we’ve had. It was a little shorter but it was also very honest. The suggestion was: Do soul mates exist? It was real and genuine and had conflicts of the heart. We did a very good hot-spot monologue opening. I opened up again. I started by saying that I was going through a lot right now so I’m reading a Zen book called When Things Fall Apart (by Pema Chodon). Everyone laughed. It was a sad thing to say and I was as honest and heartfelt in my delivery as I could be and people laughed. They weren’t being mean about it… we were sharing a moment. I spoke of the value and virtue of hopelessness and I was being serious and the audience was laughing and it was wonderful. During the show I wound up playing a girl stuck on the toilet in a bathroom stall at prom. She was calling for help on her cell phone trying to get rescued and scared that she would wind up telling this story her whole life and it would be a horrible prom story to be stuck with. It was really hilarious and realistic. The whole piece was that way and we all felt it. We all knew we had shared an honest experience, and we hadn’t just shared it with each other. We shared it with the whole audience.

The bible of long form improv is called Truth in Comedy. I understand why on a level of personal experience now. We discovered for ourselves that brutal honesty and vulnerability is funny. Audiences really appreciate it when you take the risk by opening up and letting them in. It is a wonderful thing and I am grateful for the experience.

Parlor of Wonders show!

I was invited to perform in this show. It's really exciting and I am looking forward to it. It's very refreshing to know that this many vintage style vaudeville performers are gathering together for such a cool event.

Parlor of Wonders show!

Be in a Motion Picture! Madame Pamita's Parlor of Wonders at the Coffee Gallery Backstage on Monday, September 22nd!
Yes! You the audience will be in the spotlight as we are filmed with the most up-to-date moving picture equipment available! This is a full-blown variety show with audience participation and many surprises to astound and amaze!
A Cornucopia of Varieties Featuring:

Pantomime Hilarity by Patrick Ian Moore
Marionette Manipulations by Eli Presser
Euphonious Prognostications by Madame Pamita, the musical mystic
Ukulele Antics by Ukelear Winter
Musical Merriment provided by Patrick "The Idiot Saw-vant" Weise, Lucas
"Soup Greens" Gonze, and John "The Six String Scot" McDuffie
and more!

And it is all FREE!
Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see acts of the highest caliber and be a part of an actual cinematic record!
Monday, September 22 8PM
The Coffee Gallery Backstage
2029 N. Lake
Altadena, California 91001

I was quoted on a cool Sci-Fi Blog!

Around 2:30am early Thursday morning Juli discovered that I had been quoted on a very cool science fiction blog, "i09: Strung out on Science Fiction" (you should definitely read this blog, it rocks). The Day the Earth Stood Still remake with Keanu Reeves will be coming to theaters in December. The same week it gets released, The Asylum will release The Day the Earth Stopped direct to DVD. If you've been following "Patrick's Quest" you probably know all about my 3 day sci-fi adventure with C. Thomas Howell and Judd Nelson. If not... you can read all about it here in some slightly older posts from a couple of weeks ago. I love the fact that someone read this blog and quoted me. I love that they called me an LA improv geek (because I am). We performed non-verbal improv shows to live music by The Evangenitals tonight at Studio (Experiment) in Highland Park. We also performed a Hammerspace Improv show with Ed Greenberg and hosted our first improv jam. Back to business though... The Day the Earth Stopped. I visited the IMDb page for the film and dicovered... there is an IMDb page for me, Patrick Ian Moore! I had no idea but it sure is cool.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

MIME NEEDED? I got the gig!

The post said:
We are having a french theme wedding at Castle Green in Pasadena and would love a Mime to perform for one hour on November 2nd, 2008 from 12 noon to 1 pm.
Although we are paying, we have a limited budget. Please contact us if you would like to discuss further. $100.00

This is on my birthday, and I got the gig.
They responded:
Hello Patrick,
It seems fated that since November 2nd is a special day for both you and us!
We only have $100 in our budget.
We need 1 hour tops to greet our guests, perform for 15 minutes after the
ceremony walk to the reception together two blocks away
We want a procession to the reception of our guests in black tie led by you
to the reception.
How does that sound to you?
It's certainly not a deal breaker but if you have a black and white striped
shirt that would be awesome!
I will e-mail you a contract this week. Please sign and mail back to me.

It's so cool that some people out there like mimes so much!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Day the Earth Stopped

What an insanely cool day!
My Wednesday (9-3-08) was a very cool, and surreal day. I went to Sunset Pacific Studios in downtown LA where The Asylum Productions were filming The Day the Earth Stopped (homage to/remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still). This movie is directed by and starring C. Thomas Howell (Pony-boy Curtis himself)! The supporting cast includes the legendary Judd Nelson. I was playing a soldier/SWAT officer in a sci-fi, futuristic film… just like last year when I did my only other feature film Radio Free Albemuth. And just like last year this one involved a car chase. Actually this one involved 4 car chases and in one of them I was the driver! That’s correct… I was the driver in a car chase, I was chasing a car being driven by C. Thomas Howell, and one of his passengers was Judd Nelson! It is all so crazy! Then later in the day, under the close personal direction of C.T. Howell, I did an intimate scene with Judd Nelson where I pointed the barrel of a rifle (M-16) at his face (just inches away). Guns and car chases and the stars of The Breakfast Club and The Outsiders. 3 days ago I didn’t know a thing about this project and now it’s over. That’s Hollywood and it is really cool!
The Day the Earth Stopped will be a direct-to-DVD release in December. Check it out and see me!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

C.Thomas Howell, Judd Nelson, The Asylum, and me!

So today I went to be in the film The Day the Earth Stopped, directed by C. Thomas Howell. I sat around forever in a sci-fi soldier’s uniform eating orange slices, drinking coffee, and reading Sexus by Henry Miller. They almost had me change into jeans to play a German guy running and screaming to escape a killer robot, but decided I should stay a soldier. At the end of the day they didn’t wind up using me but they paid me anyway.
I was sort of down about it, but I was also excited because I am going to be part of another KPFK radio drama (just found out today). The Juli Crockett stage adaptation of Moby Dick (Or the Whale) is going to be performed as a radio play and I’m in the cast! I really love this piece (I saw it at Cal-Arts in 2001). That news made me feel quite a bit better.
Then I found out tonight that they need me to come in tomorrow to play a soldier (and get paid again). Not only will I be on the set with C. Thomas Howell, but Judd Nelson will be shooting tomorrow as well! The Day the Earth Stopped is kind of a remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still. It is being produced by a studio called The Asylum.

AUDITIONS in Hollywood this week and next. IMPROV ACTORS (TINSEL TOWN)

The Post says:
We will hold auditions this week and probably next in Hollywood...LOOKING for TALENTED, WITTY,'"QUICK ON THE DRAW' IMPROV ACTOR/ACTRESS for a presentation that may launch your career. You never know ..right? Several LEAD parts being cast: 1) An older Jewish couple and other character IN-LAW TYPES to play the "IN-LAWS"" 2) 21-40 year old sexy , comedic BRIDE. -------------Will SHOOT in LAS VEGAS 3) 21-50 GROOM -- all types with great improv comedic skills.. IMPERSONATORS also wanted.. 2 days in Vegas....
send picture and resume --thanks... cold read...bring material if you want...

This is crazy sounding. Maybe it will be fun? I'll let the readers know anything I find out.

MIME - cirque style (sad and in love) (Los Angeles/ Las vegas )

The post says:
Mime needed for unique live shows in Vegas for upcoming music entertainer.
Please send your reel and contact info.

This is one of those ads that is so vague it's fascinating. I hope they write back cause I am super-curious. My mime gigs so far (all off craigslist) have been very fun and one even paid me pretty well ($50 an hour!). I sent a response email with links to some mime video of me as well as links to my MySpace mime photo album.
Compensation says "To be Determined". I will post any news I get here on this blog.

My Busy Schedule Looks Good!

My Schedule This Week (9-1 thru 9-6)

Mon 9-1-08 4pm Planet Green Audition
Tues. 9-2-08 1-5pm The Day The Earth Stopped film
Wed. 9-3-08 7-10pm Level 5B Class 10-11pm King Ten Show
Thurs. 9-4-08 11am-12pm Sick End Films Cast meeting
Thurs. 9-4-08 2-5pm LFC w/ Ed Meeting
Thurs. 9-4-08 9pm Hammerspace Show at Tre Stage
Fri. 9-5-08 10:20am-1:40pm PCC Improv Class
Fri. 9-5-08 3-5pm Hammerspace Workshop Tre Stage
Fri. 9-5-08 8pm Hammerspace Show ADT
Sat. 9-6-08 8pm Hammerspace Show ADT
Sat. 9-6-08 10pm Hammerspace Show Upstairs BB

This schedule really makes it seem like I am super busy and that my time is filled with auditions, acting, improv, classes, shows, performances, workshops, rehearsals, and cast/crew meetings… and you know, I guess it is. That’s pretty dang cool! There is at least one thing related to performance/entertainment/arts everyday, and on some days there are 2 or 3 things. So far so good I believe.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Low budget science fiction thriller in DESPERATE need of FEATURED extras September 2nd through the 4th in downtown Los Angeles. Even though this film is low budget it has distribution, and will look great on a CV. Please respond with head shot and dates of availability during September 2nd through the 4th. Pay is 25 dollars a day cash, meals, and credit.

I have a part in this film: The Day the Earth Stopped. It's tomorrow from 1-5pm. I'm plying a soldier and need to bring my own black T-shirt. They say meals... hopefully for my vegan's sake they will at least have apples, bananas, and peanut butter. Still, it's exciting to be in a movie again!

CASTING CALL - Moonlight Productions (Burbank)

This was the post:
Hey guys and gals,
My name is Richard Cabrera, I'm an actor, writer, director, and special effects artist. I'm currently working on a low budget film called, "The Flower". It's a dark story of a young girl who falls into this "wonderland". The film is a dark, eerie film that takes place in almost modern time. The production team on this film is huge and although its a low/no budget film, we take everything very serious.
The film is to be shot in all high-definition and surround sound in various locations including studio lots in North Hollywood all the way up to possibly Lancaster.

I'm looking for a few actors to fit some of my roles.
Looking for an older man that can play the role of both creepy and charming, possibly in his 40's and up.
Looking for a Father and Mother figure. Both in their 30's and up.
The father is a laid back guy, rather careless, always watching tv.
The Mother is a typical "mom" that is always trying to look out for her daughter.
Those are the main people I need to cast, but am also looking for younger actors from all ages.
I'm really looking for specific looks for this movie and talented actors who aren’t shy. Yet, first time actors are also welcomed.
This is - like I said - a low budget film so there is no pay involved, but there will definitely be food and drinks on the shoot days and anything else I could get for my cast and crew. Everybody will get credit, a copy of the DVD and this film will be pitched to big productions companies.
This is a fun project but I can't emphasize enough, a very SERIOUS project.
It's a feature film so it might take a few months of shooting.
I understand that people have work and or school so most of the shoots will be on the weekends and at night if the actors are ok with the shoot dates.
If you have any further questions, please email me, to the craigslist email with your name, age, and a photo of yourself, maybe tell me a little bit about your acting background if any and PLEASE, be yourself, I’m just a regular person just like you... :D
Talk to you soon.
-Richard Cabrera

I sent my picture and resume with a sort of introductory email saying I was interested in the role of "Father". This guy wrote me back and I got the part! He seems quite cool. Exciting stuff! I'm sure I'll have more to tell soon.
In other news... I didn't get the MTV job or the Monster Suit job. Oh well... life goes on.