Tuesday, September 2, 2008

C.Thomas Howell, Judd Nelson, The Asylum, and me!

So today I went to be in the film The Day the Earth Stopped, directed by C. Thomas Howell. I sat around forever in a sci-fi soldier’s uniform eating orange slices, drinking coffee, and reading Sexus by Henry Miller. They almost had me change into jeans to play a German guy running and screaming to escape a killer robot, but decided I should stay a soldier. At the end of the day they didn’t wind up using me but they paid me anyway.
I was sort of down about it, but I was also excited because I am going to be part of another KPFK radio drama (just found out today). The Juli Crockett stage adaptation of Moby Dick (Or the Whale) is going to be performed as a radio play and I’m in the cast! I really love this piece (I saw it at Cal-Arts in 2001). That news made me feel quite a bit better.
Then I found out tonight that they need me to come in tomorrow to play a soldier (and get paid again). Not only will I be on the set with C. Thomas Howell, but Judd Nelson will be shooting tomorrow as well! The Day the Earth Stopped is kind of a remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still. It is being produced by a studio called The Asylum.

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