Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Rhino Room Experience

Be A Guest on Our Webcast TV Show (Claremont)

The Rhino Room is looking for unique guests, muscians, aspiring actors, rappers, models. If you have something to sell, we'd like to help.
Help us help you. We are a webcast TV show looking to help promote and get your name out there and have fun while doing it. Come on to our show and be a guest. Please reply with your info, picture, & or myspace.
We are also looking for potential tattoo clients for our show. If you are choosen tattoos will be paid for by the Rhino Room. Tattoos must be able to be completed within a 2 - 2 1/2 hour session. We have a studio in our studio.
*** For your safety and the safety of our other guests and crew, tattoos are performed in a controled environment by a licensed professional certified in Bloodbourne pathogens. ***
...What are you waiting for?! Contact us now!

This is something that I did. I responded to the ad and was invited on as a guest to perform mime. There were suicide girl-style models, exotic dancers, rappers, people doing gross-out stunts for free tattoos... and me, a mime. So it turned into something of a strange and spontaneous sketch of sorts. I'm posting the link.
Patrick Ian Moore performing on the Rhino Room Show.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Calling all actors, musicians, comedians, eco-friendly people -
LAST WEEK to audition for new Discovery Channel show with Host TOM GREEN!
Call now to reserve an audition spot for Monday, Thursday or Friday. You can bring a friend or family member too!
Discovery's new channel, PLANET GREEN (24 hr GREEN content) is kickin' up their programming with this never-been-done-before game show that will match your wits against others (and funnyman Tom Green) with eco-friendly questions and the chance to win prizes and trips around the world!
Don't miss this great opportunity to be a part of a cutting edge new show...Plus you can be used in more than one episode since we have 20 to shoot! It's a 1 in 50 chance to win a trip - the odds are amazing!!!
Send a pic (doesn't need to be professional headshot).

This sounds like it has the potential to be pretty fun. I'm going in at 4pm on Monday. I may try to bring a friend or 2.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Actors and Actresses 18+ for Feature Film

Here is what the post said:
"If you are interested in taking your career to the next level by having a role written for you in a feature film please contact us right away!
Pay: Negotiable
18 +
Los Angeles or surrounding areas
First come first serve SLOTS ARE LIMITED!!!"

Here is the response I received:

“N.E.W. TV” is holding an OPEN AUDITION for a “film group”. Owner and Exec. Producer Nathan E. Wheeler (trained by Oscar Winner's in front and behind the camera) is looking to put together a group of actors for which he can customize his NEXT FEATURE FILM(S) AROUND!!
SECRETS that were passed on to Nathan will be shown to actors AT THIS EVENT, think of it as a FREE SEMINAR, but ALSO AN AUDITION as those attending are asked to:
Bring a 1-2 minute dramatic monologue (any subject is allowed)
This is an Exclusive Opportunity, not available to the public before. (invite only) So here is your chance to get your foot in the door to THE INDUSTRY not just “A FILM".

DAY: Sept 2nd. Tuesday
TIME: 7pm please arrive 10 minutes early
AGE: 16+
ATTIRE: Dress Professionally
STUDIO LOCATION: 5566 Pico Blvd Los Angeles CA 90019

*(NOTE: Park on the cross street " Curson Ave " and enter studio through back LARGE WHITE CAR GATE. You will see the studio door OPEN and the cameras & lights inside)
Please respond to this confirming your attendance and how you might be able to be reached for further confirmation the day of.
Look forward to seeing you then."

Kind of sounds like another scam to me. I doubt I'll go.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dog Actor school seeking actors to promote: (all areas)

"Dogs Provided, seeking talented assertive actors to promote Hi end Pet Acting and training School/ well established. promote our PET biz at local fun events and generate quality leads for us. lots of fun, great pay, must love pets and working with people."

It would be lots of fun to work with dogs. I love animals (as everyone knows). I hope this is a humane business. We will see, I have a phone interview this evening.

Actors Wanted (Downtown Los Angeles)

"Three male actors (sorry ladies just the roles) needed for one day no budget movie shoot. This project is political in nature and supports the candidacy of Barack Obama so if this is uncomfortable for you please do not respond. I will happily pay $200 to each actor upon completion of the project, and take everyone to a great dinner!
For the three roles I need very specific types. If you are interested in this, please respond with a headshot and a resume, and also note which role interests you.
1. Edge 50's-70's. Black. A commanding presence. Smart.
2. Scot 30's-40's. White. Smaller, skinny. Shy yet funny. Perceptive. Actor must be comfortable portraying a gay man.
3. Frankie 30's-70's. Any race but "White" or "Black". Funny. Think Borscht Belt. Satirical, biting. Please do not respond for this role if you do not enjoy doing comedy type characters.

Based on the three actors schedules alone, as everything else is already set, I hope to film on one of the weekend days in mid to late September near downtown Los Angeles.

Thanks for reading this and good luck to you in your creative pursuits."

I responded to this post submitting for the role of Scot. I have a meeting in about 4 hours to see about it. Could be fun!

MTV looking to cast Motivational Speaker

"New reality show for MTV looking to cast motivational speaker for an upcoming shoot. Speaker should be male, any age, race, look the part of a high school football coach. Some compensation. Non union. Please send in head shot, resume if available, and you contact information."

I have a meeting about this job in 10 hours. I'm excited and nervous. It is in Glendale. I shouldn't get too detailed too early, but hopefully I'll have more info soon! I'd love to get this gig.

Audition tonight!in hollywood and highland

"Open auditions this Monday 7pm in West Hollywood. Email for location and parking instructions. Please bring a headshot or at least a photo of yourself and resume if you have one. Dress casual but neat.
Newbies and experienced welcome!"

I went to this very weird audition Monday night. It was at an apartment complex on LaBrea in Hollywood. The post said it was for a "sci-fi pilot". Pretty vague stuff I thought. When I got there I was in a group of about 100 people and everyone had a sheet of paper with a very short set of commercials (4-5 lines), for The Gap, Pepsi, and Burger King. One at a time we were sent in and asked to perform the pepsi speech for the actor we were told was the lead in the mysterious sci-fi pilot. I went in and he asked if I was feeling groovy. After my first reading he wanted me to do it again with CRAZY energy. I was then given a "number 3" (a 3 on a piece of paper). When everyone was done the people who had a 3 were all sent away (they didn't need us but told not to stop trying). I decided since I was in the area and out auditioning I'd go to another one. I saw some of the 1 and 2 people there. They said after I left it was announced that the remaining people were being invited to take acting classes at $75 a class (taught by the guy who asked if I felt groovy). It was something of a scam it seems. The 2nd audition was very cool... and I got a part! All the good stuff is below!

Audition tonight!in hollywood and highland
"Not your typical student film or waste of time if you are an aspiring actor or
a risk taker then come in.
SICK-ENDfilms is casting for a new short film "ARKILL"
A political psycho horror film. There are four parts available including
background. The male lead DANIEL ARKILL, Supporting include a female adviser
and male running mate as well as a victim of mr. arkill.
the age range is 22-35 for all parts
Filming is in two weeks + 1 day of a cast meeting and run through
2 to three hours of shooting all night shoots,PAY is negotiable for time and gas (budget is tight)"

"Hello and welcome to the SICK-END FAMILY Pre-production on ARKILL is in stage 2 and I am setting up a cast meeting and run through for the two day shoot coming up in two weeks. The days I am trying to set up is for WED or THURSDAY SEPT. 3 OR 4TH the evening. I will arrange it in hollywood or in the vicinity . The part I have casted you in is a very creepy campaign manager named MATTHEW DOC. He has a strange fetish that involves insects. He likes to get bitten by spiders and have flies all over him etc.. (this is not in the script but something for you as a developing his back story a little) He is killed DANIEL ARKILL and in a way can have a story un to himself. I have attached the script please give me any feedback on it. I hope you still want to be involved with the project and thanks for your time."


"Non-union feature horror film.

Actor must be slender to fit in full-body suit (including head). Upper-body strength a must as suit is designed to be used with arm extensions (creature walks on all fours). Some stunt work.
Actor should be between 5'-8" and 6' tall. Dance background a plus.
First shooting day August 27 and/or 28, then weekends tbd.
There is some pay."

This ad was something I found when I did a specific search for mime-jobs (because of course, I'm a mime now). I met with these guys this past weekend and then the next day. I saw the very cool monster suit (it's AWESOME). I tried it on a little, moved around. I'm supposed to meet them again this upcoming weekend. I have always wanted to be the guy inside a cool monster/creature suit (ever since I was a little boy). I will also get to destroy small scale-model building like Godzilla (DREAM COME TRUE). I really want this job!