Thursday, August 28, 2008

Actors Wanted (Downtown Los Angeles)

"Three male actors (sorry ladies just the roles) needed for one day no budget movie shoot. This project is political in nature and supports the candidacy of Barack Obama so if this is uncomfortable for you please do not respond. I will happily pay $200 to each actor upon completion of the project, and take everyone to a great dinner!
For the three roles I need very specific types. If you are interested in this, please respond with a headshot and a resume, and also note which role interests you.
1. Edge 50's-70's. Black. A commanding presence. Smart.
2. Scot 30's-40's. White. Smaller, skinny. Shy yet funny. Perceptive. Actor must be comfortable portraying a gay man.
3. Frankie 30's-70's. Any race but "White" or "Black". Funny. Think Borscht Belt. Satirical, biting. Please do not respond for this role if you do not enjoy doing comedy type characters.

Based on the three actors schedules alone, as everything else is already set, I hope to film on one of the weekend days in mid to late September near downtown Los Angeles.

Thanks for reading this and good luck to you in your creative pursuits."

I responded to this post submitting for the role of Scot. I have a meeting in about 4 hours to see about it. Could be fun!

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