Thursday, August 28, 2008


"Non-union feature horror film.

Actor must be slender to fit in full-body suit (including head). Upper-body strength a must as suit is designed to be used with arm extensions (creature walks on all fours). Some stunt work.
Actor should be between 5'-8" and 6' tall. Dance background a plus.
First shooting day August 27 and/or 28, then weekends tbd.
There is some pay."

This ad was something I found when I did a specific search for mime-jobs (because of course, I'm a mime now). I met with these guys this past weekend and then the next day. I saw the very cool monster suit (it's AWESOME). I tried it on a little, moved around. I'm supposed to meet them again this upcoming weekend. I have always wanted to be the guy inside a cool monster/creature suit (ever since I was a little boy). I will also get to destroy small scale-model building like Godzilla (DREAM COME TRUE). I really want this job!

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