Thursday, August 28, 2008

Audition tonight!in hollywood and highland

"Open auditions this Monday 7pm in West Hollywood. Email for location and parking instructions. Please bring a headshot or at least a photo of yourself and resume if you have one. Dress casual but neat.
Newbies and experienced welcome!"

I went to this very weird audition Monday night. It was at an apartment complex on LaBrea in Hollywood. The post said it was for a "sci-fi pilot". Pretty vague stuff I thought. When I got there I was in a group of about 100 people and everyone had a sheet of paper with a very short set of commercials (4-5 lines), for The Gap, Pepsi, and Burger King. One at a time we were sent in and asked to perform the pepsi speech for the actor we were told was the lead in the mysterious sci-fi pilot. I went in and he asked if I was feeling groovy. After my first reading he wanted me to do it again with CRAZY energy. I was then given a "number 3" (a 3 on a piece of paper). When everyone was done the people who had a 3 were all sent away (they didn't need us but told not to stop trying). I decided since I was in the area and out auditioning I'd go to another one. I saw some of the 1 and 2 people there. They said after I left it was announced that the remaining people were being invited to take acting classes at $75 a class (taught by the guy who asked if I felt groovy). It was something of a scam it seems. The 2nd audition was very cool... and I got a part! All the good stuff is below!

Audition tonight!in hollywood and highland
"Not your typical student film or waste of time if you are an aspiring actor or
a risk taker then come in.
SICK-ENDfilms is casting for a new short film "ARKILL"
A political psycho horror film. There are four parts available including
background. The male lead DANIEL ARKILL, Supporting include a female adviser
and male running mate as well as a victim of mr. arkill.
the age range is 22-35 for all parts
Filming is in two weeks + 1 day of a cast meeting and run through
2 to three hours of shooting all night shoots,PAY is negotiable for time and gas (budget is tight)"

"Hello and welcome to the SICK-END FAMILY Pre-production on ARKILL is in stage 2 and I am setting up a cast meeting and run through for the two day shoot coming up in two weeks. The days I am trying to set up is for WED or THURSDAY SEPT. 3 OR 4TH the evening. I will arrange it in hollywood or in the vicinity . The part I have casted you in is a very creepy campaign manager named MATTHEW DOC. He has a strange fetish that involves insects. He likes to get bitten by spiders and have flies all over him etc.. (this is not in the script but something for you as a developing his back story a little) He is killed DANIEL ARKILL and in a way can have a story un to himself. I have attached the script please give me any feedback on it. I hope you still want to be involved with the project and thanks for your time."

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