Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Shakespeare in the Wrong Hands

It is now official (finally). After twelve long days of auditions and call backs I’ve been cast to play the character “Hamlet” in the Pasadena City College (PCC) production of “Shakespeare in the Wrong Hands”. This will be my first stage performance since June of 2001 and I’m very excited. I was in my first movie on Friday. I played a SWAT officer in “Radio Free Abelmuth” (scheduled for release in theatres in 2008). I got a gun, a fight scene, a police uniform, a bullet-proof vest, and a car chase… it was AWESOME!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Shakespeare in the Wrong Hands audition

This week I had my 1st actual theatrical audition in over 10 years. In May of 2001 I auditioned for the CalArts one act festival, but that was a formality, (I'd already done the role for another occasion with the same director). "Keely and Du" in April, 1997 was my last real audition.
"Shakespeare in the Wrong Hands" is the new show at Pasadena City College. Duke Stroud is directing the play and we had call backs Sunday night. I was reading for the Bogart-like role of "Justin Time". It's a big part and I really like it, and want it. I watched The Maltese Falcon in preparation for call backs. Final call backs are Wed. after my acting class. I will know more soon, and hopefully it's good news. I'm very excited about the idea of really having a life in the theatre again.
Being a part of the audition process again was a whole lot of fun.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I booked "Van Driver"!

I originally posted this on Oct. 5th:
"Radio Free LLC is looking for white males from the ages of 18 and older to be NON UNION featured extra’s with compensation in an independent film based on a Philip K. Dick novel. The sci-fi feature, titled “Radio Free Albemuth”..."

On October 9th this was confirmed!
"Thank you Patrick! I now have you booked for October 25th .
I will send you the call sheet On October 24th and call you to make sure you have
received it. This will have his call time and location on it. Your scene
will be shot in the LA Area. I have you as the "Van
Driver" for the 24th."

Patrick's Quest continues...

1.) Actors, Actresses - TV Hosts - We’re In Pre Production
A new television series dealing with the day to day challenges of the fashion
industry seeks on camera talent for correspondence, interviews and
dramatizations. There is pay.

We are looking for a NON-UNION male actor. We are casting for an independent television sitcom.
JORDAN - MALE late 20's - early 30's. Jordan plays the husband of the main characters best friend. He is sometimes uninterested and sometimes when you list expect him to be listening, he throws out his one liners. COMEDY
Shooting mid October. Casting ASAP. Please send headshots and resumes.
This will be a great networking opportunity for those interested, we are a professional crew all working in the industry thus far.

3.) Looking for actors
Looking for the actors for the pilot. Two day shooting. Very good opportunity for beginners in their acting careers. Unfortunately this is an unpaid position. We will be providing you with the copy of the finished commercial.
Positions available:
Females 20-37 years
Males 33-37 years
Please e-mail your head shots and resume.

Friday, October 5, 2007

WHITE MALES needed as EXTRAS on Sci-Fi Feature Film

Radio Free LLC is looking for white males from the ages of 18 and older to be NON UNION featured extra’s with compensation in an independent film based on a Philip K. Dick novel. The sci-fi feature, titled “Radio Free Albemuth,” tells the story of a writer and his friend, living under an increasingly authoritarian president, who receives messages from an extraterrestrial source. There will be named talent attached.

Other successful Philip K. Dick novel adaptations include Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report, A Scanner Darkly and most recently Next.
Please e-mail one or two headshots or pictures and please provide your availability. We will be shooting from September 29th until October 27th and will need extras most of these days. There will be gas reimbursements for compensation.

Monday, October 1, 2007


I need one actor, white male, 20's - 50's, who can play crazy really well. I mean insane. I'm talking one flew way, way over the cuckoo's nest. Must be able to read well. This is for a table read, on Sunday October 14th. It may lead to work. Producers and managers will be present. Food will be provided.

Seeking ALL TYPES , ALL ETHNICITIES for comedy shorts

Build your reel while we work together to build a destination sketch comedy web site.
Our team has a small writing staff that writes together weekly. They bring the best of their material to bi-weekly meetings of our entire collective, where actors read the pieces for directors and producers. These table reads give you a chance to originate characters, and we later audition for chosen shorts. It's a fun group of people all working together to create quality comedy and build a site that showcases us all. We have a core of actors working with us now, but want to expand by adding a few new members.
No one in our group will be making any money on any of these projects, and I have no intentions of selling any false promises about money down the road. The real goal of every person involved is to create high-production-value demo reel material together.
If chosen, your time commitment would be every other Sunday evening, plus weekend shoots (almost always one-day) for the projects in which you are cast. Sketches tend to be intelligent humor for adults in the real world, with effort made to create material different than what has come before. (Not that we always hit that mark.) Characters are rarely the SNL-type caricatures, but are often something and actor can sink her/his teeth into.
Interested? Send an introduction (prove to me you know what you're applying for) and a headshot and resume.
Look forward to hearing from you!