Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Shakespeare in the Wrong Hands audition

This week I had my 1st actual theatrical audition in over 10 years. In May of 2001 I auditioned for the CalArts one act festival, but that was a formality, (I'd already done the role for another occasion with the same director). "Keely and Du" in April, 1997 was my last real audition.
"Shakespeare in the Wrong Hands" is the new show at Pasadena City College. Duke Stroud is directing the play and we had call backs Sunday night. I was reading for the Bogart-like role of "Justin Time". It's a big part and I really like it, and want it. I watched The Maltese Falcon in preparation for call backs. Final call backs are Wed. after my acting class. I will know more soon, and hopefully it's good news. I'm very excited about the idea of really having a life in the theatre again.
Being a part of the audition process again was a whole lot of fun.

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