Tuesday, September 2, 2008

AUDITIONS in Hollywood this week and next. IMPROV ACTORS (TINSEL TOWN)

The Post says:
We will hold auditions this week and probably next in Hollywood...LOOKING for TALENTED, WITTY,'"QUICK ON THE DRAW' IMPROV ACTOR/ACTRESS for a presentation that may launch your career. You never know ..right? Several LEAD parts being cast: 1) An older Jewish couple and other character IN-LAW TYPES to play the "IN-LAWS"" 2) 21-40 year old sexy , comedic BRIDE. -------------Will SHOOT in LAS VEGAS 3) 21-50 GROOM -- all types with great improv comedic skills.. IMPERSONATORS also wanted.. 2 days in Vegas....
send picture and resume --thanks... cold read...bring material if you want...

This is crazy sounding. Maybe it will be fun? I'll let the readers know anything I find out.

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