Monday, September 1, 2008

CASTING CALL - Moonlight Productions (Burbank)

This was the post:
Hey guys and gals,
My name is Richard Cabrera, I'm an actor, writer, director, and special effects artist. I'm currently working on a low budget film called, "The Flower". It's a dark story of a young girl who falls into this "wonderland". The film is a dark, eerie film that takes place in almost modern time. The production team on this film is huge and although its a low/no budget film, we take everything very serious.
The film is to be shot in all high-definition and surround sound in various locations including studio lots in North Hollywood all the way up to possibly Lancaster.

I'm looking for a few actors to fit some of my roles.
Looking for an older man that can play the role of both creepy and charming, possibly in his 40's and up.
Looking for a Father and Mother figure. Both in their 30's and up.
The father is a laid back guy, rather careless, always watching tv.
The Mother is a typical "mom" that is always trying to look out for her daughter.
Those are the main people I need to cast, but am also looking for younger actors from all ages.
I'm really looking for specific looks for this movie and talented actors who aren’t shy. Yet, first time actors are also welcomed.
This is - like I said - a low budget film so there is no pay involved, but there will definitely be food and drinks on the shoot days and anything else I could get for my cast and crew. Everybody will get credit, a copy of the DVD and this film will be pitched to big productions companies.
This is a fun project but I can't emphasize enough, a very SERIOUS project.
It's a feature film so it might take a few months of shooting.
I understand that people have work and or school so most of the shoots will be on the weekends and at night if the actors are ok with the shoot dates.
If you have any further questions, please email me, to the craigslist email with your name, age, and a photo of yourself, maybe tell me a little bit about your acting background if any and PLEASE, be yourself, I’m just a regular person just like you... :D
Talk to you soon.
-Richard Cabrera

I sent my picture and resume with a sort of introductory email saying I was interested in the role of "Father". This guy wrote me back and I got the part! He seems quite cool. Exciting stuff! I'm sure I'll have more to tell soon.
In other news... I didn't get the MTV job or the Monster Suit job. Oh well... life goes on.

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