Sunday, September 30, 2007

Untitled Fantasy Film

I am in need of people in love with the fantasy world. I am in the middle of creating a fantasy film and I have need of anybody that is willing to just have fun with it, have a TRUE passion for fantasy stuff (i.e. medieval ages, d&d, forgotten realms) and wants to contribute to the film. I mainly need good fantasy artists right at this moment. People that can draw very vivid creatures like orcs, goblins, giants, etc. Go ahead and send me a few sketches to my email and if I am interested I will get back to you. Everybody helping in this project is working for free until we can find funding, which won't be hard with the star names I already have attached. Once funding kicks in after everything is organized, there will be pay, and my guess is, a LOT of it! To anybody that wants to contribute to this film, feel free to email me with what you would like to help on. FANTASY ARTISTS, PLEASE EMAIL ME!

2.) Male Actor needed/ 20-35/ ASAP
This is a Brooks Institute of Photography short film in which we need a male actor for MONDAY 31st. It will be late in the evening, as the script calls for night scenes. It is an Ernest Hemingway adaptation. Please send headshots and resumes ASAP tonight so we can get in contact with you IMMEDIATELY. The short notice is due to a location that cannot be passed up. Thank you for your interest.

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