Monday, September 17, 2007

“Acting/Talent Gigs” in LA found on Craig’s List

“Acting/Talent Gigs” in LA found on Craig’s List I have replied to:

1.) Casting for Extreme Horror Short-

Alone in the desert after a horrific motorcycle crash kills his girlfriend and leaves him crippled, a remorseful crook (trying to get that last score to finally get out of the life) tries to make peace with the choices he made that led him to this point...and save his soul before the vultures close in.


Male 20's/30's. Good looking in a hardened/criminal way...think Jason Statham, Clive Owen, Daniel Craig. Must be a strong actor and relatively fearless as you will go through some intense stuff! Basically you will be pinned under a motorcycle with a broken leg...confined...and have to watch the buzzards pick the eyes out of your pregnant girlfriend's corpse. Not for the squeamish! Pay is 100 dollars for a ONE DAY shoot plus HALF day of re-shoots if needed

2.) Vegetarian Video Interviews-

My book, The Beginner's Guide to Natural Living—which is sold in health food stores across the country—advocates a wide variety of natural living lifestyle choices, including a vegetarian diet.
I'll ask several questions related to being vegetarian, such as: How old you are, when you started, why you started eating vegetarian, any health benefits you experienced, what you eat, etc., etc. I currently have several videos up, so you can take a look at them, if you'd like to see more or less what I'm looking for (of course, from your personal experience).
If this sounds interesting to you and you'd like to participate, then PLEASE do the FOLLOWING:

1. Email me and tell me your name, how old you are, how long you've been vegetarian, why you started eating vegetarian, and any health benefits you gained from going vegetarian.
2. Please attach a current picture of yourself, AND/OR, give me a web site address with your pictures.
3. Please tell me why you want to be interviewed and any other details you wish to share.

For pay, you'll receive a copy of my book, and I'll give you a copy of the finished video to use on your web site. You will need to sign a model release.

3. Passionate Actors Wanted for Unique Sitcom Pilot-

We are currently casting for a Sitcom development project about the after life. This new series has not been picked up by anyone, but based on our past successes we have several online and cable network big wigs already salivating for something new from us.

We are looking for the following passionate actors with a comedic flare to join with us in our exciting journey to launch this really unique project that we believe will really turn heads because of its message and content:

Caucasian or Mixed Race Male, 40’s to late 50's, preferably with salt and pepper hair, enjoys drinking, friendly and somewhat feminine but not overtly gay. Think Paul Lynde, who played the character of "Uncle Arthur" from the 1960's Betwitched television show.

Now of the tough part…unfortunately since we have a very low budget we cannot pay our cast or crew. This is truly a labor of love that will be shot over a weekend or weekends. We are very loyal and will do our best to bring along everyone who joins us on our journey when the project gets picked up. We will feed you to your hearts content and we will do our very best to give you a DVD copy of the shoot. There will be auditions and rehearsals, because we want to get this as close to perfect as possible before shooting. If you’ve got the guts and fire in the belly, email us a headshot and your info.

Good luck!

4.) Need Male Stand In for major actor feature-

Stand In needed to day play for Michael Madsen for an independent union feature shooting in early October. Middle aged, dark hair, roughly 6 feet, 200lbs. No stunt work required. Please email headshot, resume and dimensions. This is a paid gig. Thank you.

5.) Very Outgoing Geeky Gamer types for PAID job-

We are looking for very outgoing geeky gamer types for an a job coming up soon. This is a paid job. Acting ability a plus. Send a photo, resume of last 3 jobs and a few positive words about yourself. You should be able to approach strangers.

6.) "VAMPIRELLA" MOVIE - Supporting Cast - PAID (UPDATE)

Currently casting for the "VAMPIRELLA" Film Teaser to be shot on HD/35mm This is a 10-minute teaser that will be shown to Harris Comics based off the feature film and comic book Icon, “VAMPIRELLA” Seeking actors.

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